Saturday, October 15, 2011

Welcome to OccupyBellingham!

This blog is the home of the Bellingham edition of the OccupyWallstreet movement. This will be used to organize, report, motivate, inspire, and cheer on those who are participating in OccupyBellingham and to educate and encourage those who want to know more about what we're doing.

For this blog to be starting on October 15th, 2011, the Day of Global Action, seems perfect, perhaps even meaningful. Or maybe it's just happy coincidence, but anyway you want to look at it, we're here! And we're ready to make a difference. Are you?

The problem:
Studies released in 2010 and 2011 gave a gut-wrenching fact: 20% of the richest people possess 85% of the world's privately held wealth. If you'd like to read more, check out this article. Meanwhile the rest of us get to enjoy deep budget cuts to OUR schools, libraries, public transportation, social services and other public services, layoffs and cuts in employee benefits, a scarcity in the availability in jobs, lack of affordable housing, exorbitant banking fees, and a growing rift between we the 99% and the "American Dream". At the same time, we are witnessing social and economical inequality, greed, and the growing influence of lobbyists and corporate funding on OUR government. This is merely a synopsis of the issues at hand, but it, hopefully, serves to give you an idea of our protest.

What we want:
There are many sources and voices in the media and, subsequently, on the streets who are saying that are saying we have no clear demands or solutions. While we may not have a formal manifesto listing our demands and individuals, while speaking in the spirit of the movement, do not speak for the group, what we are asking for is straightforward. Some of these demands include: corporate accountability and eliminating the "personhood" legal status for corporations, raising taxes on the wealthiest citizens and companies, focus and funding for alternative energy sources, and universal health care. In short, what we want is that which we believe will benefit the people as a whole. That which we feel has been taken from us systematically.

What we are doing about it:
We are utilizing our rights to assemble and speak to send a message to those holding the country's reins. We are non-violent, communicative, joyous, and determined. Those who are opposed to our protest have shown themselves to be capable of violence, but this is something we are willing to endure in order to have our voices heard. There is no time-frame given on how long our protest will last, but we will continue until changes are made. There is a growing number of supporters to our cause. We will not be ignored! 

Where to now?:
OccupyBellingham has General Assembly on Friday afternoons at 4:00pm. The last one was held in Maritime Heritage Park on Holly St. in Bellingham. If the location changes, we'll let you know!
Yesterday's General Assembly voted on whether we'd begin our occupation immediately or wait on it, with the majority of the voters deciding to wait in favor of sending people down to Seattle to participate in the Night of 500 Tents. News on the occupation of Bellingham will follow once available!

If you have any questions at all, let us know. You can comment here or drop us a line at

And remember, 99% is too big to long as we work together.


  1. Can we still join working groups? If so what are they?

  2. You can always join working groups. If you have a particular interest, I can see if I can get ahold of that group's representative and connect you with them or you just need to come to GA on Friday and you can find them all there.

    So far we have:
    Permanent Occupation (which I know has several subgroups that include Food, Cleaning, Resources, etc.)
    Immediate Occupation
    Veterans for Peace
    Police Liaison

    And we're still looking for people to start a Legal Working Group and probably a couple others.
    It just depends what your interests are and what you'd like to contribute to the community.