Monday, October 17, 2011

Media/Internet Working Groups Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes for the Media and Internet Working Groups meeting (10/16/11)

In attendance: Erin Haliburton, Nick Mikula, Shane Hayden, Anita Hanks, Ian Alexander, Luke Price, David Farr, Nancy Metcalfe
Facilitator: Nick Mikula
Notetaker- James Bauckman

Agenda approved as is

Nick proposal- Guideline- keep things concise, be respectful of others thoughts speak loud enough so others can hear you.

We need to let people know that we are diverse grow and not just dirty hippies.
Carve ourselves out from the Tea Party presenting a clear message that highlights our individual needs and the differences from the tea party. Define common goals but also that we are separate.
Maybe we can educate them to know that we have some similar ideals.

Attending rallies, churches, union meetings to educate people and posting some of these things to their websites. Post to photo galleries.

We need to know what we want through the media we create. What is our purpose, plans and intentions.

Take the declaration that New York or someone similar and tweak it to meet our individual needs.

The distinctions between the Internet and media groups should be discussed.

How do we get this media out to the general public so that people know what we are all about? This will get them involved in participating.

Communications group is about communicating within the occupy Bellingham groups and other occupy groups.

Community outreach potentially as its own separate group.

Nancy will facilitate with communications group.

What skills, what equipment, what technology and who can run it database.

Google docs document that adds equipment and skills.

Producing highly attractive, media projects.

Creating a logo/ graphic design is that our job?

Media- unbiased group to capture media?
Designation of liaisons to other group- Media liaison to interface with local media, newspapers, radio in Bellingham and Washington state, internet group liaison,
Communications group liaison to communicate with them.

Media group is audio/video group and communicate with communications to get messaging.

Communications facilitates internal group communications; occupy international movement and the public.

James and Shane are the liaisons with the communications group

Internet group is accountable for IT, live streaming, broadcasting live stream and computer problem solving.

Project proposals:

Database development- James

Web Page development- David and Erin

Handbills Posters printed media- Communications and Ian working

Video- Shane and James to create an occupy Bellingham highlight reel what has come so far.

Ian is interested in making flyers and posters and such to make and print those flyers.

Propose having a financial group at GA to help with costs. How do they do it?
Kickstarter and for Bellingham to raise funds to create media.

Luke- organizing to capture and source media to get to communications group.

Shoot in- 30 frames per second should default frames per second.

Make sure that for each event somebody has been assigned a particular role so that all roles are covered. If you cannot make your obligation you work to figure out how to cover it.

Shane leads the video creation of the Bellingham occupy best of video.
Luke will lead the collection of video/photo
David will lead the web site project.
James will lead the database creation project.

James send out an email to find someone to capture Luke and Anita will capture photography at Fridays Rally and GA) James and Nick will capture video, James will bring the Boom and shotgun to capture audio  (I will ask Gary and Kyle to run audio for Friday)

Request for hard drives to store media.

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