Monday, October 17, 2011

Permanent Occupation Logistics Working Group Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes for the Permanent Occupation Logistics Working Group meeting (10/18/11)

In attendance:

No formal agenda was used but the discussion yielded the following:

- We solidified our intention to occupy maritime heritage park
- We discussed setting up a meeting with mayor dan pike to see where he would stand and what he could offer to this permanet occupation (eric will pursue)
- Jon will contact the parks department to see where they stand as well as to ask about specific laws pertaining to open fires in parks
- We made a tentative layout for how the camp will be organized, where the camping zones will be and where to place larger group tents for food, medicine, library, workshop space and a larger still community structure with a potential fire pit in the middle.
- We also talked about mud control and decided that once the camp is established we could either use straw to line the main pathways of the camp or create a boardwalk out of pallets and ply wood (Jon is pursuing these resources)
- Jon will also look into tents for the group shelters, by contacting local companies and organizations
- Christina will pursue resources on whatcom community college campus
- We discussed potentials for defending the encampment and are pursuing resources related to this.
- Eric has drafted a list of needed resources, blankets, tents, sleeping bags, etc and will be pursing how to release this info, i.e. Craigslist, Facebook, etc.

If people are interested in helping organize please check out our Facebook work-group:
there are many other groups organizing under the banner of permanent occupation: food, medicine, sanitation, education, music, community defense, etc the above link will get you in contact with us

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