Thursday, October 20, 2011

Internet Working Group Meeting Minutes

These are the minutes for the Internet Working Group minutes (10/20/11)

These are the minutes for the Internet Working Group meeting (10/20/11)

In attendance:
Nick Mikula
Erin Haliburton
David Farr
Jennifer Dunn
McKenna Bassett

The following agenda was used:

Approve Facilitators
Agenda Approval
Possible other internet presences
Prepare General Assembly report
Next meeting
Other business

The notes taken below are in approximate order. Some of the discussed information has been moved in the notes to it's appropriate portion of the agenda.

  • Welcome
    • Nick welcomed everyone to the meeting.
  • Approve Facilitators
    • Erin was approved as head facilitator
    • Nick was approved as time keeper and note taker
  • Agenda Approval
    • The agenda was approved with the addition of a section to discuss the blog.
  • Webpage (
    • Nick will work with David on restyling the website to look more professional and inviting.
    • We will communicate with other work groups to get contact information to list on the website.
    • Erin will research possible options for adding a forum to the website.
    • The vision for the website is to provide a central hub of information and connect users to our different websites.
  • Twitter (!/OccupyBhamWash!/BhamOccupy)
    • Twitter has not been utilized to its full potential so far.
    • McKenna has the log-in information
    • There are a fair number of subscribers to the Twitter accounts.
    • The vision for Twitter is to provide factual, non-opinionated information and reports from on-site at the proposed permanent occupation.
  • Blog (
    • David, Nick, and McKenna will work together to create a unified and consistent look between the blog and the webpage.
    • The vision for the blog is to host a calendar, minutes from meetings, and expanded fact-based coverage.
  • Streaming (
    • For wireless internet, we will be using a phone that will act as a hotspot. This phone will need to be charged via a car or a generator.
    • Cameras and laptops will also need to be charged
    • James Bauckman may have resources and should be contacted.
    • The march on Friday will be streamed via Ustream by McKenna.
    • The GA will be streamed via Livestream by David.
    • David and McKenna will publicize the switch between Ustream and Livestream.
    • The vision for streaming is to broadcast meetings, General Assemblies, and provide 24 hour coverage of the permanent occupation.
  • Possible other internet presences
    • Nick proposed that we have a Flickr and a Vimeo account.
    • David says that he started a Flickr for us to use.
    • The group agrees for ease of use and copyright, that we establish online accounts to hold legally usable media.
    • Nick will communicate with the Media Group on this.
  • Facebook
    • Jen reported her experiences working with the existing Occupy Bellingham Facebook group.
    • McKenna reported that there had been no response to the Thursday afternoon Internet Working Group e-mail to the current Occupy Bellingham Facebook page administrators requesting that the they join the Internet Working Group.
    • Nick suggested that the group brainstorm ideas regarding the vision of a Facebook page and then discuss how to meet this vision. The group agreed.
    • Vision
      • Create Facebook events for meetings, rallies, and other Occupy Bellingham events with current and correct information.
      • Broadcast breaking news and urgent messages.
      • Administrators publish factual information.
      • Users share opinions and whatever else they want to respectfully share.
    • Options for meeting goals
      • Work with the current administrators to meet these goals using the existing Occupy Bellingham Facebook group.
      • Create an official Occupy Bellingham Facebook group that is administered by the Internet working group that is accountable to the General Assembly.
    • The current administrators were called via phone by Jennifer with no response. Jennifer left a message requesting a face-to-face meeting to discuss Facebook.
    • Nick proposed that the Internet Working Group create a unified account to help administrate the Facebook presence to ensure rapid response to new or breaking news and information. The group agreed.
    • McKenna began the process of creating the unified account.
    • We will work with current page administrators to create a unified presence within the movement and to allow rapid response to situations during permanent occupation or in solidarity of OWS organizations.
  • Prepare GA report
    • It was decided that the Internet Working Group needed to prepare both a report and a proposal.
    • Report
      • Our internet website address is On our website, you can find links to Twitter, Ustream, Livestream, and our blog. We are working to create the infrastructure to support a round-the-clock stream of a permanent occupation. We are developing a unified look for our blog and website. We are researching options for an online forum. To participate in the Internet Group, meet at the bottom of the stairs after the General Assembly.
    • Proposal
      • We propose that the Internet Working Group administer a Facebook page for Occupy Bellingham. The Internet Working Group will be held accountable by the General Assembly for the administration of the Facebook page.
  • Next meeting
    • To be decided following the General Assembly.
  • Other business
    • Passwords
      • Nick proposed the passwords be changed regularly and be different for each site.
      • New, unique, difficult to guess passwords were created for all of the internet sites.
      • Internet Working Group members began the process of updating the passwords.
      • Internet Working Group members were asked to memorize the passwords as soon as possible.


  1. City of Bellingham Municipal Code: 8.04.080 Prohibits overnight camping in any City Park, including Maritime Heritage.

  2. If you wish to hold your event on an ongoing basis, we recommend you select a location on private property. Most parks are closed at 10:00pm daily. If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 778-7000.