Thursday, October 27, 2011

G20 Summit Teach-In Oct 29

G-20 Summit Teach-In

Maritime Heritage Park
Saturday, Oct. 29
Noon to 3 pm – Bring the Kids!

On Saturday there will be protests all over the world against the G-20 meeting of the 20 governments controlled by the super rich. Operation Bellingham will emphasize educational Focus Groups, with a General Assembly afterward to adopt resolutions on solutions and strategies for economic and environmental

Issue Focus Group sessions:
Noon - 2 pm
Come together and discuss
Issues such as [but not limited to]:
- Food Sovereignty
- Global Warming
- Financial Crises
- Corporate Media around the world
- Universal Consciousness
Focus Groups will be repeated so you can attend more than one.

General Assembly 2 pm:
To bring our ideas together and address the question:
How can the 99% take back control of the global economy and environment?

For more information:
Call 671-0248 or e-mail

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